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NFL: Still no team for Tony

  • NFL: Still no team for Tony

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We are now one month into the NFL free agency period and Tony Romo's future still remains a mystery.

In that time, Brock Osweiler has been traded to the Cleveland Browns, Tampa Bay backup Mike Glennon has joined the Bears on a three-year, $45 million dollar deal, and Johnny Manziel is being rumoured of an NFL return.

The growing uncertainty surrounding Romo's future stems from Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones opting to retain the quarterback's services.

Speaking to USA TODAY Sports, Jones remained coy on the matter:

"I have his interest at the top of my list. How this thing evolves over the next few weeks or months will be dictated by what Tony wants to do."

At 37 years of age, we can reduce what Tony "wants" down to three things: trade, release or retire.

If the Cowboys were to do right by Romo, perhaps they would have released him as soon as the new league year began and given him the chance to pick his own destination.

Instead, keeping him on their roster only highlights the franchise's desire to make a trade.

While Romo has not played a full season since 2014, his value and ability remain unquestionable.

In his 10 seasons as Cowboys starter, Romo holds franchise records for both passing yards (34,183) and passing touchdowns (248), along with a career passer rating of 97.1 (fourth all-time).

It comes with little surprise that the Cowboys see an opportunity here. A chance to cash in, receive an extra draft pick and move on with their preparations for the new season.

However, at best, Romo's trade value shouldn't exceed a fourth-round pick - an assumably lower projection than what Jones and co. would want.

Romo's checkered affiliation with injuries are a significant roadblock in any trade negotiation.

Brock Osweiler's surprising move to Cleveland had everyone around the league expecting the Texans to make the move for Romo; a signing that would surely propel Bill O'Brien's team into genuine Super Bowl contenders.

But, as of this moment, neither side is yet to blink.

Instead, retirement talks have intensified as both CBS and Fox look to bring Romo into the broadcast booth in time for next season.

Speculation regarding Romo's future will continue to dictate several NFL pre-season discussions.

But for now, there remains no team for Tony.

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