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NFL: Predicting the Top Two Picks of the 2016 NFL Draft

  • NFL: Predicting the Top Two Picks of the 2016 NFL Draft
Two weeks ago, the Tennessee Titans and Cleveland Browns were tipped to exercise the respective first and second overall picks of the 2016 NFL Draft. Now, on the eve of the event itself, these rights belong to the Los Angeles Rams and Philadelphia Eagles.

Prior to these two trades, both fans and pundits alike were certain Ole Miss tackle Laremy Tunsil would be selected first overall. For weeks Titans GM Jon Robinson had proclaimed that it would take a "King's Ransom" for someone to prize their precious pick away. But after Hollywood's newest franchise proposed an offer containing six picks spread over two respective Drafts, the Titans simply could not refuse.

This trade seemingly set the ball rolling for Cleveland's second overall pick to come into question. The arrival of Robert Griffin III had Browns fans curious as to just how their team would utilise their coveted pick. However, after the Eagles watched the aforementioned Rams assume the hot-seat for one of the Draft's top-two quarterbacks, it was only a matter of time until they sealed the deal.

Therefore, after assessing the primary need for both franchises, here's how the first two picks of the Draft will take place:

1st Overall Pick: Jared Goff (QB), University of California, Berkeley

While Rams head coach Jeff Fisher remains tight-lipped on the quarterback he'll choose, it's looking like Goff will be his man. The Rams struggled with Nick Foles and Case Keenum under center last season and could do with a franchise quarterback to lead their offence for the long term. Goff can make all the throws. The 6'4" passer has the power and precision to send the ball all over the field, as well as the mobility out of the pocket. And while his accuracy may suffer from time to time, there's plenty of potential. Expect Goff in Rams colours.

2nd Overall Pick: Carson Wentz (QB), North Dakota State University

Wentz has the body and physique that every head coach wants from their quarterback. Standing at 6'5" and displaying the ability to make first downs with both his arm and his feet, it's no wonder why scouts at the Combine were calling him the real deal. Doug Pederson's arrival at Philadelphia as head coach had many people questioning Sam Bradford's reliability as a starting quarterback. And with zero playoff appearances and zero winning seasons under his belt, it's easy to see why the trade-up was made. As a result, whether Bradford remains an Eagle or not, all signs point to Carson Wentz joining Philadelphia.

Predicting the picks of an NFL Draft is never easy. Full of twists, turns and trades, it's no wonder why it's become one of the most exciting events of the NFL calendar. With the potential to make or break a season, here's hoping most teams get it right.

The 2016 NFL Draft will take place from the 28th-30th of April.
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