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NFL: Seahawks QB Russell Wilson Not in a Position to Baulk

  • NFL: Seahawks QB Russell Wilson Not in a Position to Baulk

With two Super Bowl appearances in just three seasons, Russell Wilson has become one of the best Quarterbacks in the NFL. Now, set to approach the 2015 season in the final year of his rookie contract, the 26 year-old will begin seeking a deal reflective of his talent.

The 5'11" general was the 75th overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft and entered the league with minimal hype. After his debut season saw the Seahawks finish the regular period with an 11-5 record, the following year saw the potential prevalent within the University of Wisconsin graduate come to the fore.

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With a dominant 13-3 record approaching the post-season, Wilson's superb campaign culminated in a dominating 43-8 Super Bowl victory over the Denver Broncos. The two-time Pro Bowler has proven his ability to play a game-defining pass at any given moment and this is further evident considering his record-equalling 26 Touchdown passes thrown inside his rookie year.

It is for these reasons that Wilson is now believed to be asking his Seattle franchise for a contract worth US $25 million per annum. Should they reciprocate accordingly, the deal will make the Quarterback become the league's highest paid player ahead of Aaron Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger.

Instead, it appears that the Seahawks are willing to offer their star player a contract worth within the region of US $21 million. With the player reportedly prepared to shut down talks should both parties fail to reach an agreement in time for Friday's opening Training Camp, he is not in a position to baulk.

Assuming Russell Wilson enters the 2015 season without a long-term deal, he will earn a little over US $1.5 million by the final week, a rookie sum far lower than what he deserves. By all accounts, while the US $21 million amount the Hawks are offering fail to meet his expensive expectations, it does respect the feats accomplished thus far in his career.

The leverage will forever belong by way of the Seattle organisation. As a result, we may assume that a deal will be signed between both parties in due time. Nevertheless, Wilson and his Seattle Seahawks will begin their pursuit to avenge their recent Super Bowl defeat with a Week 1 clash against the St. Louis Rams.

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