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NFL: Amputated Finger?!

  • NFL: Amputated Finger?!

What began with a bang has now ended in the recovery ward. New York Giants Defensive End, Jason Pierre-Paul, is set to approach the upcoming NFL season with one less finger. Yes, you read that right.

A July 4th celebration of freedom, pride and pyrotechnics saw the 26 year-old take matters into his own hands: literally. The accident came at a bad time for the in-form pass rusher after he recently rejected a contract offer nearing the $15 million mark. Should an improved offer come along from the Giants or any other franchise, you would have to forgive 'JP-3' from having a few issues with his signature.

All jokes aside, Pierre-Paul's 2014 season was one of his best yet. His 77 tackles and 12.5 sacks were invaluable numbers for Tom Coughlin's team and it was this form that further prompted his organisation to pin him with the franchise-tag soon after season's end.

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But now, ahead of his sixth season as an NFL pro, the two-time Pro Bowler will have to approach the game without his right index finger after reports emerged of a successful amputation.

The decision to amputate was made in order to minimise recovery time as oppose to undergoing more procedures in order to repair the limb. Despite the injury however, the rumours currently circling abroad via ESPN's Adam Schefter reveal that Pierre-Paul may return to practice earlier than many may assume.

The Giants finished third in the NFC-East Division last season with a disappointing 6-10 record. Fingers crossed their key asset will successfully bounce back from the injury. 

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